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How does Mary de Magdala explain the division in the world?from Psychic Sofie Ka


Sun shining behind clouds
Sun shining behind clouds

The division is in you ! The division is you.

Stop looking at the world outside and focus on what is happening inside of you right now. Who are you rejecting right now ? Listen to your thoughts. What is in you that you don’t like, that you would like to be different ?

What is the part of you that you have rejected or that you wish to change in you because it doesn’t fit with the idea you have about yourself ?

It all starts from you, with you my friend.

So stop wanting to change the world outside of you. Stop judging and taking sides. Stop feeling pain because of how the world is, and just come back to yourself.

Find your true self and hence you will see the world differently, no matter what the circumstances are.

That is the path.

That is the way.


Psychic message received by Sofie Ka

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